born in 1970

main profession: engineer in networking business

why salsa? since I was 14 I worked as a dj - starting in pop (like all teenagers ;) ) but later in the 90'ies in the rave culture. berlin was the leading city here in this period of time... 2005 I started taking salsa- lessons and became very crazy for latin rythms and the cuban dance style. a little later I organized also parties for my "dance- mates". the next dance clubs are an hour drive away (berlin is a big city...). soon these parties became famous in south east of berlin and i got more involved in the berlin- "salsa-scene". later I invited bands like "salsa en clave" to our "salsaqueen- parties" and became a friend of humberto castillo, owner of "misalsa" and organizer of different events ("opel latin night", "Misalsa Sommerfest" with live- stage, 4 dancefloors ... etc..) he invited me to his club several times "heating the dancefloor" and I got somehow famous in the scene as "DJ ElBerto"....

my style is mainly salsa, flavoured with merengue, bachata, chachacha, rumba, rarely reggaeton (depending on people) but sometimes i also play classics of cuban son and also current latin stars (shakira, juanes etc.) - sometimes also classic disco- sounds (for mixed audience)” - programmed by Bert- Henrik Czaya, copyright by Bert- Henrik Czaya